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I am Michael Kortlander - an artist and natural born storyteller who has never subscribed to labels. I lead global ad campaigns. I write grants. I cover Beatles songs. I forage wild mushrooms. I split my time between Los Angeles and rural Ohio. I am currently working on a novel with my brother and a series of paintings that recall my family history – six generations of artists, bootleggers, and war heroes.

I have led creative teams across the globe and I'm always ready for the next adventure.

Clients & Collaborators:

Meta                                72 & Sunny

LG                                   WME | Endeavor

Tinder                             Droga5

Ad Council                      Partizan

Google                            Tool

Fujifilm                            Rogue

Mini Cooper                    m ss ng p eces

McDonald’s                     Unit 9

Tourism CA                     Imperial Woodpecker

Papa Johns                     Fela

Acura                              Object & Animal

United Way                     Radical Media

BMW                               Farm League

Amex                               Tempomedia

New Balance                   Adolescent

Kardia                              The Moon Unit

Cricut                              Content Muse

Farxiga                            Stadium

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