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“Michael dear, don’t go anywhere because I want nobody but you to ever write for me again.”

                                                             - Happy Client

As a writer, my priority is staying true to the voice of my client. I have written 1,000+ pitches for commercials, music videos, TV shows and films. I also write everything from grants and website copy to books. Nearly all of my work is written under NDA. Please email me for references. 


I am thrilled to share excerpts from my latest project - a book that I wrote for photographer Todd Selby, published by Abrams Press.


Vogue Press

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Lisa Moir

Songbirds can be heard from every room in Lisa Moir’s Mill Valley cottage. They are feasting on berry trees that line the property. She moved here in 2020 with her son, Fin, and daughter, James, and instantly fell in love with the home’s indoor-outdoor charm.  Snake plants, ivy, and fern lead to the backyard, which features a copper clawfoot tub used for after-school doll parties, candle-lit meditations and bubble baths. A Buddha statue left by the previous residents is lovingly cared for. “We'll go to the farmers' market and replenish the flowers together. It’s a little spot to meditate.” Lisa combines Japanese influence with a love of handmade objects purchased directly from artists. “It’s modern eclectic, with salvage farmhouse treasures,” she says. “As a single parent with two kids, I’ve built this little life here in California. Our focus is just on time together.”

Lawren Howell & Kris Moller

"I'm inspired by the vernacular architecture of any place," says Lawren. "And in Southern California, we have so much to enjoy. Spanish homes, modern and mid-century homes, or Craftsman homes like this." The property is tucked away in the foothills of Ventura County. It includes a small glass-walled studio, a swimming pool, fire pit and garden. The family's first move was to open up the floor plan and add more exterior doors. Lawren has also been installing woodwork around the house, and refreshing the old fireplace is next on her list. "We're following the style of the house but adding a splash of color, fun tile, or cool upholstery. Certain pieces are so unique you don't bother much about how it's going to work. It's just a statement, and everything else has to be quiet around it."

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